Criminal Defense

Criminal defense is one of the fundamental competitive service fields of Han Yuan. To achieve the strategic objectives of standardization, large-scale, professionalization and brand construction, Han Yuan runs the criminal defense service separately from other litigation and arbitration services, and has an expert criminal defense team specialized in corporate crimes. Han Yuan’s criminal defense lawyers are senior lawyers experienced in company law and criminal law, they are graduates from top law schools in China, most of them have Master or higher degrees in Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure Law, with solid legal knowledge and profound academic background; some of them have extensive experience in criminal justice work in government agencies such as Ministry of Public Security, public prosecution and court of justice, specialized in handling all kinds of major, difficult and complicated criminal cases.

Intellectual Property

Han Yuan has strong strength in the field of intellectual property. Han Yuan IP team focuses on safeguarding the IPRs of the IPR holders.

1.Civil Procedure with IP Infringement

In the IP Infringement civil procedure, Han Yuan lawyers utilize the self-established powerful investigation network throughout China, to actively launch action, raise civil suits with the courts in inquiry around the country especially in the economically developed coastal areas, such as acting as legal representative in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Shenyang, Suzhou, Fuzhou, Chongqing, Hangzhou, etc. to handle civil cases involving IPR infringements. Throughout the case, Han Yuan lawyers tailor the strategies specific to each case and local legal environment, which not only enables the winning of the cases, optimizing the compensation to the clients, but also creates significant impact locally and nationwide, and even becomes precedent for similar cases.

2.Criminal Proceedings with IP Infringement

Han Yuan lawyers often assist Bureau of Industry and Commerce, Ministry of Public Security, Public Prosecution and so on government agencies to provide significant clues, investigate facts, investigate and collect evidence, and represent the victims in court; it is effective and well recognized by the clients. For example, cooperation with local Ministry of Public Security in Shanghai, Zhangjiagang, Shenyang, to represent criminal cases of IPR infringement.

3.Administrative Affirmative Petitory Action

Han Yuan lawyers have rich litigation experience and are outstanding in the IPR administrative affirmative petitory action. The success in the affirmative petitory action provides beneficial support to the winning of the relevant infringement cases.

4.Administrative Complaint

Han Yuan lawyers have cooperation with Shanghai, Shenzhen, Shenyang Administrative Law Enforcement Corps of Cultural Market, in combating piracy; Han Yuan specializes in planning of IPR protection strategies in accordance with client’s entrustment, in copyright administration, civil, criminal protection, and dispute resolution service. Han Yuan’s valuable clients include Microsoft, Siemens, Adobe, Dassault Systemes, BSA, Frontline Solutions, PTC, Inteva, etc. well-known global companies.

Company Legal Service

In recent years, Han Yuan is committed to provide a wide range of legal services to many enterprises, including resolving domestic and international legal disputes, providing legal advice, and drafting legal documents, etc. Our full time lawyers revisit the clients on regular basis, to understand the latest company development, and provide timely and comprehensive legal assistance. According to the company’s entrustment, Han Yuan will appoint a full-time lawyer to be responsible of the company’s daily legal affairs, any relevant issues are reported to the law firm in a timely manner, and our lawyers team will work out optimum solutions.

International Investment and Trade

The professional services provided by Han Yuan in this field include: investigation for anti-dumping, countervailing and safeguard measures initiated by Chinese or foreign parties; service, goods and processing trades; customs, commodity inspection and bonded areas; sea freights and insurance.

Information Technology

Establishment, operation and merger of network companies and network projects, domestic and overseas IPO of network companies; due diligence check, investment structure design, government approval procedure, project negotiation and signing for network company venture capital projects; legal affairs, contract management, product liability and employment and personnel affairs during the network company operation; draw up and examine the e-commerce contracts, and legal support to the cross border affiliate transactions; legal advice on network operation and service model, draw up and examine the telecommunication contracts (including inter grid roaming, interconnection contract, communication media leasing contract, and equipment purchase contract, etc.); all kinds of legal affairs in relation to online intellectual property rights protection; domain name dispute resolution, domain name transfer contract and related affairs.

Cultural Media

Legal services in culture, sports, entertainment, network, media, advertising and so on areas.
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